Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The bees are here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today our two colonies arrived via USPS. It was so funny when our mail lady said "I've got bees for you." I was all like "bees?" and she was like "Well someone ordered bees here?!" so I'm like "Yes! We ordered them I just can't believe your the one delivering them!" I think she was a little tripped out on it! I don't think she delivers live bees very often :)
So needless to say this morning was very abnormal, but also part of a new beginning for us, as beekeepers. After brushing some simple syrup on to their crates (they where very hunger, you should have seen them drinking it up as fast as we could get it to them), we had to make a run to Walmart for a Wonder bar (a hive tool looks exactly like a Wonder bar so that's what we'll be using as our hive tool) , some containers to make feeders out of, and a spray bottle for their sugar syrup .
Tonight when Justin gets home we will be releasing them into there hive boxes, so my fingers are crossed that that goes over well and Justin does not get stung .
The plan for this blog is to have a place for Justin and I to record our experiences with our bees. We will be adding videos, pictures,recipes and all things bee related so please join us on our journey! your comments are most appreciated.